Politani Samarinda Defends the Tournament Title by Winning Again in U-21 Student League Deputy Governor's Cup

30 October 2021

2021 Deputy Governor's Cup
The Samarinda Politani football team defended the title of the Vice Governor's Cup U-21 Student League, after crushing the resistance of the Mulawarman University football team with a score of 2-0 at the Sempaja Samarinda Stadium on Saturday (30/10). Politani Samarinda goals were scored by Angga Pratama and Aprianto Samwin Jaya, respectively. The last name was finally crowned as the most fertile goalscorer in the tournament of the highest collegiate caste in Indonesia.
Appearing as the defending champion, Politani Samarinda played very carefully in the first round. The Mulawarman University Football Team appeared to press half the field. However, heavy rain conditions made the game a little less developed. Entering the second half, Argi, the coach of the Samarinda Politani Team, dared to press. As a result, several attacks managed to threaten the defense of Mulawarman University.

The peak is in the 3rd minute. Taking advantage of the rebound, Angga Pramata kicked the ball hard and straight until it hit the defenders of the Mulawarman University. As a result, the ball changed direction and glided sweetly without being able to be driven by the Mulawarman University Team goalkeeper. The score changed to 1 - 0. Knowing that his team was behind, the Mulawarman University players immediately tried to attack. The step of pressing up to half the field that was applied by the Mulawarman University Team became a boomerang for the birth of the second goal. Apriyanto Samwin Jaya, who got a breakthrough ball from below, was able to get past two Mulawarman University defenders who looked tired. Samwin easily tricked the goalkeeper and slotted the round skin into the unguarded goal.  Harist Fhatanah Boroallo, the Captain of the Samarinda Politani Team expressed his gratitude for the achievements of his team. This victory is the result of hard work and teamwork. His team will train even harder to face the national series next year as representatives from East Kalimantan. Because the opponents to be faced will be tougher, considering that the teams that will compete are the best teams in each province.

The manager of the Samarinda Politani Team, Abdul Rasyid Zarta, said that the winnings for his foster children were a blessing from God and should be grateful for. The team's thorough preparation and the trial matches that the team had passed yielded results as expected. The student teams that participated in the U21 league were Brandica Piola, Daffa Azzuri Yudistira, Dimas Ferdiansyah, M Wahyu Assalam, Mukaram, Angga Pratama, Aprianto Samwin Jaya, Belvyanus, Suriadi, Muhammad Ilham Rizky Dwiyanto, Andi Saputra, Harist Fhatanah Boroallo, Siktus Riyadi, Julian Emanuel Djenga, Agung Ardianto, Rama Wijaya, Aulia Wira Zuhdi Balfas, Bendi Wijaya.  The Director of the Samarinda Politani Hamka who was seen present in the field said that this achievement showed that the Samarinda Politani students were extraordinary. His direct support in the field was answered completely by winning the championship by his students. “This means that the Samarinda Politani students are not cans. Even though the label is agriculture, the achievements can be contested,” he said. (bz)