Forestry Management

Forestry Management Study Program

The establishment of this Forest Management study program is a development of the study programs that were previously established at the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic. This study program was established in order to meet the demands of development that continues to grow and needs to be accompanied by efforts to manage the environment by adequate human resources in their fields so that development can be carried out and be beneficial in a sustainable manner.


    "To become one of the national vocational study programs that have comparative and competitive advantages in providing education and research in the field of Forestry in 2020."

  1. Carry out vocational education in the forestry sector with quality graduates
  2. Carry out applied research to develop science and technology and arts (IPTEKS) in the forestry sector
  3. Carry out community service to practice and apply science and technology

  1. Creating professional staff to fulfill the needs of the national workforce in the forestry sector.
  2. Produce applied research in the context of developing science and technology to support national development, especially those related to the forestry sector.
  3. Producing science and technology for community service through initiatives and active roles by providing management and technology services
  4. Creating a healthy and dynamic climate, academic life to form a scientific society that upholds truth and honesty, as well as being open, critical, responsible, creative, innovative and responsive to the times.
  5. The establishment of harmonious, sustainable, mutually beneficial cooperation with other Study Programs, government agencies, private institutions, other educational institutions both at home and abroad.

  1. Produce graduates who are professional in the forestry sector
  2. Graduated on time (6 semesters).
  3. Average Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.00
  4. The waiting period for graduates to get a job is a maximum of 6 months.
  5. Graduates are easily absorbed by the job market with a decent income
  6. Produce science and technology (IPTEK) in the forestry sector
  7. Community service to practice and apply science and technology in the field of Forestry

  1. Improving the professionalism of teachers and education staff by attending national and international seminars, workshops, training, apprenticeships, certification of expertise and conducting research
  2. Implementing an effective and efficient curriculum and learning system.
  3. Evaluation of student learning achievement on a regular basis.
  4. Inviting and facilitating stakeholders to recruit graduates
  5. Cooperating with stakeholders to support the implementation of education, research and community service

  1. Forestry technical personnel in forest planning, forest development, forest harvesting, forest research and development, social forestry and forest police
  2. Forestry Extension Staff.
  3. Entrepreneur in the forestry sector
  4. Forestry Consulting Staff
  5. Educational Laboratory Institutions for Forestry

  1. Ir. Emi Malaysia, MP – NIP. 19650101 199203 2 002
  2. Elisa Herawati, S.Hut, MP – NIP. 19710305 199512 2 001
  3. Ir. Fendy Ucche, M.Si – NIP. 19620309 198803 1 002
  4. Ir. M. Masrudy, MP – NIP. 19600805 198803 1 003
  5. Ir. Gunanto – NIP. 19570905 198703 1 001
  6. Ir. Rita Yuliani – NIP. 19630708 199203 2 002
  7. Agustina Murniyati, S. Hut, MP – NIP. 19720803 199802 2 001
  8. Ir. M. Fadjeri, MP – NIP. 19610812 198803 1 003
  9. Dr. Ir. H. Suwarto, MP – NIP. 19641010 199203 1 003
  10. Ir. Herijanto Thamrin, MP – NIP.  19621107 108903 1 015
  11. Ir. Fathiah, MP – NIP. 19590820 199203 2 001
  12. Dwinita Aquastini, S.Hut, MP– NIP. 19700214 199703 2 002
  13. Rudi Djatmiko, S.Hut, MP– NIP. 19700915 199512 1 001
  14. Erna Rositah, S.Hut, MP– NIP. 19731128 199903 2 001
  15. Ir. M. Nasir, MP – NIP. 19611220 198803 1 002
  16. Ir. Sofyan Bulkis, MP– NIP. 19600321 198903 1 002
  17. Ir. Noorhamsyah, MP– NIP. 19640523 199703 1 001
  18. Ir. H. M. Yusri, MP– NIP. 19630328 198903 1 005