ZI WBK-WBBM Politani Samarinda

20 November 2023

The Integrity Zone is recognition for government institutions where leaders and their staff are committed to creating an area free from corruption (WBK) and improving the quality of services through a clean and serving bureaucratic area (WBBM).

The construction of an Integrity Zone towards the realization of a Corruption Free Area (WBK) within the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic is an effort to organize a Samarinda Polytechnic that is clean and free from corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) and is a more efficient, effective and comprehensive corruption prevention strategy. , as part of the achievements of Bureaucratic Reform. The construction of ZI at Politani Samarinda was marked by holding a flag ceremony announcing the ZI development day which has been held since June 21 2021.

Legal basis
1. Law Number 28 of 1999 concerning State Administrators who are Clean and Free from Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism;
2. Law Number 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System;
3. Government Regulation Number 60 of 2008 concerning Government Internal Control Systems;
4. Presidential Regulation Number 81 of 2010 concerning Grand Design for Bureaucratic Reform for 2010-2015;
5. PermenPANRB Number 26 of 2020 concerning Guidelines for Evaluation of the Implementation of Bureaucratic Reform;
6. Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Regulation No. 90 of 2021 concerning Development and Evaluation of WBK and WBBM Integrity Zones in Government Agencies.

Integrity Zone Change Area

1. Change Management

Change management is a systematic and consistent effort to change the work mechanisms, thinking patterns and work culture of individuals in the work unit so that they are better in line with the goals and objectives of developing the Integrity Zone.

2. Management Arrangement
Management arrangements aim to improve existing systems, processes and work procedures in government agencies to make them more efficient and effective, so as to realize an Integrity Zone towards WBK/WBBM.

3. Arrangement of the HR Management System for Apparatus
Structuring the apparatus HR management system aims to improve the quality of apparatus human resources in realizing the Integrity Zone towards WBK/WBBM.

4. Strengthening Accountability
Performance accountability is the obligation of government agencies to account for the success or failure of implementing programs and activities in achieving organizational goals and objectives. This area aims to improve the ability of government agencies to be accountable for their performance in the context of realizing an Integrity Zone.

5. Strengthening Supervision
Strengthening supervision aims to improve the quality of clean and corruption-free government administration in every government agency.

6. Improving the Quality of Public Services
Strengthening the quality of public services is a continuous effort to improve the quality and innovation of public services in each government agency so that it meets the needs and expectations of the community.


We invite all parties, from students, staff, to the wider community to come together to be part of positive change in realizing a Zone of Integrity and a Corruption Free Area. Let us join hands in building a strong culture of integrity for a better future.

Contact us for complaints via WhatsApp  https://wa.me/6285175102070

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ZI WBK Politani Samarinda Charter
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