Plantation Crop Farming

Plantation Crop Farming Study Program


"To become one of the leading vocational study programs nationally in plantation crop cultivation in 2018."

  1. Implement application-oriented educational programs and produce graduates who can apply theory into practice.
  2. Develop students' intellectuals comprehensively in a conducive environment.
  3. Educate students with leadership and professional qualities, think independently critically and analytically and have an entrepreneurial nature and understand global complexities.
  4. Carry out applied research in accordance with the needs of industry and society.

  1. Produce graduates as professional middle experts in the field of plantation crop cultivation.
  2. Produce graduates who have entrepreneurial characteristics and are able to compete in the global era.
  3. Organizing applicable research and collaboration with industry in the plantation sector.
  4. Organizing education with a transparent management system in order to create a conducive academic atmosphere.
  1.     Organizing DIII professional education in the field of plantation crop cultivation as a fulfillment of the national need for middle experts.
  2.     Forming students' hard skills in the field of plantation crop cultivation that are ready to use within 3 years of lectures.
  3.     Forming good soft skills and interpersonal skills of students in the first year.
  4.     Forming students to compete and develop a professional attitude in the field of plantation crop cultivation.
  5.     Have business insight (entrepreneur) in the field of plantation crop cultivation.
  6.     Conducting internships in plantations for the development of knowledge about plantation crop cultivation.
  7.     Alumni can work in various companies/agencies in less than 6 months after graduation.
  8.     Can implement the results of scientific work in the process of quality education and teaching.

  1. Nur Hidayat, SP. M.Si – NIP. 197210252001121001
  2. Nurlaila, SP, MP – NIP. 197110302001122001
  3. Faradilla, SP, M.Sc – NIP. 197401092000122001
  4. Yuanita, SP, MP – NIP. 196611252001122001
  5. F. Silvi Dwi Mentari, S.Hut, MP – NIP. 197707232003122002
  6. Roby, SP, MP – NIP. 197305172005011009
  7. Rusmini, SP, MP – NIP. 198111302008122002
  8. Riama Rita Manulang, SP, MP – NIP. 196611252001122001
  9. Daryono, SP, MP – NIP. 198002022008121002
  1. Siti Jubaidah, S.Sos – NIP. 196809051991032001
  2. Rosita, SE – NIP. 197203081993032001