Engineering and Computers

Engineering and Computers


To make the department of superior quality and develop in the management of vocational education in the engineering and informatics study program in Kalimantan in 2024.

  1. Optimizing the existing potential in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education as a vocational college.
  2. Creating a conducive performance climate, high togetherness and solid teamwork.
  3. Development of IT-based organizational management / digitization. strengthening of the Department's database.
  4. Provide opportunities in improving human resources, both lecturers and education staff.

  1. The implementation of an efficient and effective learning process both theoretical and practical
  2. Achieving the quality and quantity of scientific work both lecturers and students
  3. The realization of practical implementation that can be felt by the community in a sustainable manner.
  4. Achieving maximum results as well as the "Sense of Belonging"
  5. The achievement of superior products that are able to be competitive in the industrial world and in the job market.

  1. Cooperating/partnering with industry (DUDI) and government and private institutions.
  2. Emphasize video branding for input and output candidates.
  3. Provide opportunities for improving human resources, both lecturers and education staff.
  4. Collaborate and share both internally and externally on campus in the publication of scientific works (research and service)
  5. Strive to improve institutional accreditation based on the national standard version of BAN PT (Good – Very Good), (Excellent – ​​Excellent)
  6. Development of majors by adding new study programs that are cognate by observing the opportunities for out come in the world of work.
  7. Provide opportunities for students, PLP lecturers, and administration to actively improve English language skills and increase TOEFL grades that are able to support their respective scientific fields.
The Study Programs managed by the Department of Engineering and Computers are:
  1. Geomatics Technology Study Program (TG) (D3 education level)
  2. Software Engineering Technology Study Program (TRPL) (D4 education level)
  3. Geomatics and Survey Engineering Technology Study Program (D4 education level)
  4. Accounting Information Systems Study Program (D3 education level)


Ketua Jurusan         : Dr. Suswanto, M.Pd – (NIP. 19680525 199512 1 001)

Sekretaris Jurusan : Ida Maratul Khamidah, S.Kom., M.Cs – (NIP. 19910113 201903 2 023)


Arief Yani Budiman, SE - (NIP. 19670503 199002 1 002)