Politani Samarinda Held Director's Cup, The Sports of East Borneo College Students Emerged

23 November 2021

Director's Cup 2021
The Director's Cup of the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic (Politani Samarinda) will be held again in 2021. There are three branches contested in the tournament which will be held on November 15 – December 5 2021, namely volleyball, football and futsal. The tournament, which involved all universities in East Kalimantan and the invitation to secondary schools in East Kalimantan, was warmly welcomed. It is proven that there are 15 universities in East Kalimantan that have registered themselves, namely Mulawarman University (Unmul), Widyagama Mahakam University (UWGM), Mulia University (UM) Balikpapan, Praja PIN Unmul Kaltim, Kutai Kartanegara University (Unikarta), Muhammadiyah University of East Kalimantan (UMKT). ), Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris State Islamic University (UINSI), Seventeen August University (Untag) Samarinda, STIMIK Wicida, IKIP PGRI Kaltim, Samarinda State Polytechnic, Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic, Balikpapan State Polytechnic, Stikes Dirgahayu and East Kutai Stiper. "This is a sign that the world of college sports in East Kalimantan is starting to stretch," said the Director of Politani Samarinda Hamka accompanied by Deputy Director III Husmul Beze.

In addition to these universities, there are a number of secondary schools specially invited for this event. "There are SMKN 2 Balikpapan, SMKN 3 Balikpapan, SMAN 5 Samarinda and SKOI Kaltim," he said.

Hamka also said that this year's Director's Cup is a form of participation to stimulate the sports climate in East Kalimantan. Especially in colleges and high schools. "However, the health protocol remains the main reference for activities," said the man born in Makassar.

The Samarinda Politani Director's Cup title, said Hamka, is one of his side's translations of the desire of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to strengthen the soft skills development of students in East Kalimantan. With this interest and talent activity, students are trained in many things about soft skills. That is about teamwork, discipline in practice, sincerity in activities to leadership in the team. "All these abilities are honed a lot at moments like this," he explained.
Hamka believes that with an increase in soft skills among students, the door to success will be more open after graduating from college. "Because eighty percent of success is supported by these soft skills," he said.

Hamka also revealed that several years earlier, the Director's Cup had also been held by his side. "And now we turn it back on," he said.
For your information, in the Men's Soccer Branch the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were SMK Medika, Physical Education at Mulawarman University and SKOI Kaltim. In the Women's Volleyball Branch, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were SMAN 5 Samarinda, Politani Samarinda and SMKN 3 Balikpapan. "Currently, the Football Branch is underway at Komura Field, Samarinda Seberang," he concluded. (bz)