Holding Two Moments at Once, National Education Day and Halal Bihalal Ceremonies Strengthen Politani Samarinda Big Family Gathering

2023 Hardiknas and Halal Bihalal Ceremony
Samarinda 03/05/2023. The National Education Day (Hardiknas) ceremony is held every May 2 with the aim of commemorating the birthday of Ki Hajar Dewantara, a figure in Indonesian National Education. Meanwhile, halal bihalal is usually held after the Idul Fitri holiday as a way to strengthen ties between family, friends and colleagues. This tradition usually involves gatherings where people forgive each other and share food.

Politani Samarinda held two important moments, namely the 2023 National Education Day ceremony and followed by the 1444H Eid al-Fitr halal bihalal on the same day, Tuesday, May 2 2023, attended by all academicians including; Directors, Deputy Directors (1, 2, 3 and 4), Heads of Department, Heads of Study Programs, DWP Politani women, Lecturers, PLP, Administrative Staff, Security and Cleaning Workers (CPNS and Honorary Staff) in the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic campus .

The 2023 National Education Day ceremony with the theme "Moving Together Enlivening Freedom of Learning" was held in the courtyard of the Politani Directorate Office led directly by Politani Director Samarinda Hamka, S.Tp, M.Sc., MP. During the ceremony, the Decree for Retired Employees TMT May 1 2023 was also conveyed by the Director accompanied by Deputy Director II Eva Nurmarini, S. Hut., MP, and submission of information on filling out the PNS Achievement Assessment format.

This year's National Education Day commemoration was a little different because after the ceremony was over the Politani academic community took part in the Halal Bihalal activity of the Politani extended family because it was still in the atmosphere of Eid Al-Fitr with the theme "Strengthening Gathering Towards Independent and Achieved Politani" in the Politani Auditorium room. These two important events are also a moment of friendship between employees and students. The Halal bihalal was started by reading the Divine Word by Muhammad Barokah, one of the outstanding students from the Agricultural Product Technology Study Program (THP) as the Best Champion III in the 5 juz memorization category of the District level MTQ competition.

The event continued with remarks by the Director of Politani Samarinda Hamka, S.Tp, M.Sc., MP. In his remarks, the Director expressed his gratitude and at the same time apologized profusely if there were words or actions that were not pleasing to his heart. He explained that the Halalbihalal event and Eid al-Fitr friendship opening doors to each other reflect the cultural traditions of the Indonesian Muslim community which must be continued. He also appealed to the audience to always maintain and improve friendship with fellow human beings.

Halalbihalal Tausiyah and prayer readings were filled in by Ustadz H. Aspian Noor Nurdin, S.Ag from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of East Kalimantan Province. In his tausiyah, which typically uses the Banjar language, he advised us to always spread kindness, continue to carry out worship even though Ramadhan has gone and we must increase our gratitude. Then he ended the tausiyah by reciting a prayer. At the end of the event, a number of Politani academics took turns shaking hands accompanied by blessings on the Prophet Muhammad SAW followed by hospitality and a group photo. (HUMAS/P)