Proud! Director of Politani Samarinda Passes Selection for 2023 Overseas Higher Education Training Program at Coventry University, United Kingdom

10 December 2023

Proud! Director of Politani Samarinda Passes Selection for 2023 Overseas Higher Education Training Program at Coventry University, United Kingdom
Samarinda (10/12/2023). In order to strengthen Indonesia's vocational education ecosystem so that it is increasingly relevant to the demands of the times, the Directorate General of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) is organizing a professional training program for lecturers as the spearhead of vocational higher education.

One of these efforts is to send 12 selected lecturers from various Vocational Universities or Polytechnics throughout Indonesia to study and do internships abroad for 3 weeks starting from 27 November - 15 December 2023 at Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Director of the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic Hamka, S.TP., M.Sc., MP is one of 51 state Polytechnics throughout Indonesia who passed the selection and got an excellent opportunity to take part in Overseas Higher Education Training (Internship).

Based on letter Number 2838/D.D5/DV.05.03/2023 dated 4 July 2023 regarding the Announcement of Participants in the 2023 Non-Degree Program for Improving the Competency of Vocational Lecturers, it was stated that the Director of Politani Samarinda Hamka passed the selection for the Overseas Higher Education Training (Internship) Scheme has been implemented by the Directorate of Vocational Higher Education Institutions and Resources, with the organizer Coventry University with the title Visionary Management Boot-camp for Vocational University Leaders 2023.

The 12 State Polytechnics participating in this program are; Hamka (Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic), Afriyanti Hasanah (Batam State Polytechnic), Andri Pratama (Bandung Manufacturing Polytechnic Manufacturing Engineering), Ayu Ratna Permanasari (Bandung State Polytechnic), Darma Firmansyah Undayat (Bandung Manufacturing Polytechnic), Faisal Ananda (Bengkalis State Polytechnic), Laily Ulfiyah (Madura State Polytechnic), Heny Yuniarti (Surabaya State Electronics Polytechnic), Kholis Nur Faizin (Madiun Technology State Polytechnic), Luthfi Muhammad Mauludin (Bandung State Polytechnic), Sirli Fahriah (Semarang State Polytechnic), and Harris Abdulloh (Bandung State Polytechnic).

The achievement of the Director of Politani Samarinda in participating in the Overseas Higher Education Training (Internship) Program is an extraordinary achievement. This experience not only broadens academic knowledge, but also provides insight, inspiration, and a deep understanding of the multicultural atmosphere.

Supervised by high-caliber professors and senior academics who have extensive academic experience, one of whom is Prof. Benny Tjahjono, Ph.D., Director can benefit greatly from their knowledge and expertise. Involvement in internship activities with industrial partners also provides additional value in terms of practical experience and direct understanding of the application of theory in the world of work.

This program not only provides opportunities to learn, but also to build a strong professional network. By partnering with industry, seminars and corporate projects, the Director can broaden his views and improve the leadership skills that are so necessary in the management of vocational colleges. (HUMAS/PUS)