SINTA 3 Socialization by P3KM Politani Samarinda

8 September 2022

SINTA 3 Socialization
Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic through P3KM held a SINTA 3 socialization for lecturers and Laboratory Institutions (PLP) in the Samarinda Politani environment for one day, namely September 7, 2022 in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Samarinda Politani Rectorate, East Kalimantan, which took place offline and online through a zoom meeting
Also present was the Director of Politani Samarinda Hamka S.TP., M.Sc., M.P. Deputy Director 1 for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Engineering and Informatics, Chair and Secretary of P3KM, Representatives of PLP, while other lecturers and PLPs attend online via zoom meetings.

Head of P3KM Politani Samarinda, Dr. Rudito, S.TP., M.P. in his speech said that this socialization activity was very strategic and important because the world of education was entering a new era full of changes, “In the future we will not be able to enter data manually anymore so we need to update the data at the beginning. it is hoped that the lecturers and PLP will continue to improve their publications. In this vocational era, the estuary is no longer journals but more patents, industrial patents whose processes are more difficult, complicated and expensive but it is not inevitable that we will get to that stage, seeing the current score of Sinta Politani, we must be optimistic that it will increase because the researchers are lecturers. young lecturer. so it is necessary to upgrade the upgrade to Sinta or upgrade the patent. Rudito said.

The socialization which was officially opened by the Director of Politani, Hamka expressed his highest appreciation to the P3KM Politani institution which continues to strive to advance the Samarinda Politani through the development of feature updates and updating the Science and Technology Index (SINTA) data at the Samarinda Politani, Hamka said that entering the Year 2022, clustering will be carried out, the Directorate General of Higher Education routinely urges all lecturers at PT to update data at SINTA, because there will be a clustering of universities based on research performance and community service. Hamka also said that currently the Webometric ranking of universities in Indonesia used to be only an assessment of the number of people who accessed the website, but now the assessment parameters have increased such as visibility, transparency, and research, so it is necessary to update the number of Politani research outputs and must increase. he said. Furthermore, it was conveyed that the Samarinda Politani with PNBP funds of 1.3 billion, for this year is intended for Research and Service so that the output of research and service, both journals and intellectual property rights, continues to increase. Updating Sinta for lecturers is needed so that the position of polytany for P3KM institutions from the fostered cluster is promoted to intermediate, so it is necessary to encourage lecturers to update their synta so that the overall score of Sinta is higher.

It is hoped that all employees will support the progress efforts made by Politani and think out of the box so that our Campus Politani Samarinda is more advanced and developed. Please Hamka.

Furthermore, present as resource persons are Syafei Karim, S.Kom., M.Kom. and Reza Andrea, S. Kom., M. Kom, there were several things that were conveyed in the socialization including:
  • The ranking of Politany in Sinta for all years for polytany is ranked 467 while the latest Sinta per 3 years of polytany is ranked 524
  • Update profile and data on Google Scholar, it is recommended to use a gmail account instead of the "" account, this is because the politani email error is still there
  • The need to update data on Garuda, then if you have more than 1 Garuda ID then the IDs can be combined so that the ID can be just 1
  • If the garuda ID already exists, then it will be entered into sinta
  • For scholars, Wos, Scopus, Garuda, submitting data updates can be done by the researchers themselves through the "synchronization" feature. This synchronization application will be approved by the center no later than 7 working days

After the presentation of the socialization material was over, the event continued with a question and answer activity, there were several participants who were very enthusiastic in asking questions about the procedure for updating data, etc. (Humas/AL).