Politani Samarinda Helds Public Test of Candidates for PPKS Task Force Members for the Period 2022 – 2024

30 August 2022

Public Test of PPKS Task Force Candidates
The Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic has successfully held a Public Test for prospective members of the Task Force on the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence (PPKS) in the 3rd floor meeting room of the Samarinda Politani, Monday (29/08/2022). This Public Test was attended by Deputy Director 2 for Finance and Personnel Eva Nurmarini, S.Hut., MP., Head of SPI Radik Khairil Insanu S.T., M.T., Head of Sub. Yusnita Administration, SE. Head of Department, lecturer representatives from each study program, students and selection committee.

Eva Nurmarini, S.Hut., M.P. as Wadir 2 opened the Public Test of PPKS Task Force Candidates for the period 2022-2024, in her speech Eva said "Every campus must have a task force that can carry out supervision so that the campus can become a healthy, safe, comfortable environment, and also without sexual violence, Eva also conveyed several things related to what is stated in CHAPTER I General Provisions of Article 34 of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 30 of 2021 and the importance of the PPKS Task Force in the campus environment, "This PPKS Task Force Capansel public test is a mandate from Permendikbudristek Number 30 of 2021, with this public test it is also expected to get input from the community in this case the academic community, he said. Eva hopes that with the PPKS Task Force there will be no sexual violence in the Samarinda Politani campus.

Based on the results of the interview selection by the PPKS Task Force Selection Committee, the names that pass the selection can take part in the Public Test of PPKS Task Force Candidates for the Samarinda Campus for the 2022 – 2024 period. 13 prospective PPKS Task Force members convey their program and commitment to be elected as members of the PPKS Task Force. In their presentation, they hoped that the establishment of the PPKS Task Force at the Samarinda Politani campus could provide a sense of security and comfort to the entire Samarinda Politani Academic Civitas.
From this Public Test, 9 names of candidates for PPKS Politani Task Force members who were elected for the 2022-2024 period came out, namely:
1.    Humairo Aziza, S.Hut., M.P.  (Lecturer)
2.    Dr. Elisa Herawati, S.Hut., M.P.  (Lecturer) 
3.    Nur Rizky Annisa (Administration Staff)
4.    Jibril Pribadi, S.I.Pus. (Administration Staff)
5.    Fadillah Yusuf (Student)
6.    Dr. Ir. Syafii, M.P. (Lecturer)
7.    Nur Maulida Sari, S.Hut., M.P. (Lecturer)
8.    Ulul Azmi Ainal Yaqin (Student)
9.    Roulyeni Hutajulu (Student)
(Humas AL/NY)