PLP Community Service Department of Forest Product Technology Politani Samarinda

20 September 2023

PLP Community Service Department of Forest Product Technology Politani Samarinda
Community Service for the Educational Laboratory Institutions of the Forest Products Technology Department which will be held on Wednesday 20 September 2023 at Perum. Rindang Luhur, RT.25, Harapan Baru Village, Loa Janan Ilir District. PLP Forest Products Technology Department held training on the use of household waste as an alternative energy source in the form of briquettes for the Harapan Baru community. The aim of carrying out this activity is to utilize household waste so as to minimize waste around the area. This activity was attended by the Head of the Department, Abdul Rasyid Zarta, S.Hut., Mp. , Chairman of RT.25  Sunarto, Mrs. Dasawisma Lily, Resource Person Atak Sumedi, S.Hut., MP., and PLP Forest Products Technology Department, Politani Samarinda.

The implementation began with remarks by the chairman of RT.25 Sunarto, he expressed his thanks to the Head of the Department and the PLP at the Department of Forest Product Technology, Samarinda Polytani for holding this activity, hopefully this activity will continue from year to year so that the RT.25 environment can gain knowledge that is useful for residents in the region. Next on the agenda was a speech from the Head of the Forest Products Technology Department and at the same time opening the event, as for the speech from the Head of the Forest Products Technology Department, Abdul Rasyid Zarta, S.Hut., MP., he expressed his gratitude to the residents of RT.25 (Mrs. Dasawisma Lily ) because they were able to attend this activity and were well received with all the facilities provided. This service is one of the tridharma activities of higher education that we must fulfill, hopefully this activity will provide benefits to the residents of RT.25.

In its implementation as a resource person, Atak Sumedi, S.Hut., MP. Explains procedures for utilizing household waste which can be managed into alternative energy in the form of briquettes. Participants were very enthusiastic in presenting the material, after the material participants were invited to practice charcoal briquette making activities. As for the response from the chairman of Dasawisma Lily, Garini Widosari, he said that this activity can increase knowledge which will later be followed up by its application in each home. So far, what we know about sorting waste around the house is still very minimal. We are grateful for this new knowledge. we will try to develop what we can. My hope is that every year the dedication will continue to train residents here, not only dasawisma but other ladies and gentlemen, and hopefully other departments in the Politani Samarinda can also look to our area to carry out community service.