Proud Director, Politani Students Claimed 2nd Spot at AITeC 2021

9 October 2021

AITeC 2021
The Director of the Samarinda State Agricultural Polytechnic Politani Samarinda Hamka said he was proud and happy to know that his students had achieved achievements in the Agriculture Innovation Technology Competition (AITEC) III in Jember, East Java. This pride, said Hamka, was special because in the same week, Politani Samarinda was in the middle of carry out their students' Yudisium in 2021. Moreover, the academic achievement of the students in the 31st Yudisium is very encouraging. Most of them achieved a cumulative achievement index (GPA) of more than 3, "It is a doubled up feelings" he said.

The achievements and graduations achieved by Politani Samarinda students so far, said Hamka, showed that the competence and quality of the Blue Campus students was very good. Moreover, some of the Samarinda Politani students who graduated in 2021 turned out to have already worked, accepted by the industry. "Even though they haven't received their diplomas, they're just working. It's cool," he said.  The success of his students in the prestigious agricultural competition in all Polytechnics in Indonesia, said Hamka, could be an encouragement for other students to achieve and make the campus proud. He believes that his students have the potential to realize all these achievements.

In the AITEC III Agricultural Innovation Competition Branch, Politani Samarinda was represented by the HPSGEN Team. The work presented by HPSGEN is a Monitoring and Automation Tool for Hydroponic Plant Nutrition. This Arduino-based tool is able to control and ensure that hydroponic plants have enough nutrients using mobile devices. The work of Muhammad Andreyan, Muhammah Syahril and Eko has gone through a number of measurable research. The results are very encouraging. Able to ensure hydroponic vegetables grow and thrive. Because the nutritional needs of hydroponic plants can be directly identified and given precisely because of the help of a number of sensors used. Now, growing crops using hydroponics is very easy. Samarinda Politany students have a solution. (bz)