Kapal Wisata Susur Sungai Mahakam

kapal wisata
The Mahakam River, an icon of the Tepian City (Samarinda) can be enjoyed even more by wading through the river which has a length of 920 kilometers, a width of 300-500 meters and an area of ​​149,277 km2.  Recently, Mahakam river tourism has become increasingly popular with Samarinda residents, as well as tourists from outside the region to foreign countries.
Fully supported by the local government, Mahakam river tourism continues to be developed.
Not only along the river in the middle of the city, but tourists can also enjoy and visit directly to other tourist sites.
For example, religious and historical tourism to Kutai Lama, to the island of Kumala Tenggarong.
Not only that, in the Samarinda area itself there are several other interesting tourist spots, which are crossed by the Mahakam river tour boat, including crossing the splendor of the Mahkota II bridge, the Mahakam bridge, and the Mahulu bridge.
Then, coupled with the colorful villages located on the banks of the Mahakam river, and the Shiratal Mustaqiem mosque, which is the oldest mosque in Samarinda, as well as weaving villages.
To be able to navigate the Mahakam river, a number of parties have developed tourist boats, with different routes. To date, there are three tourist boats that have been operating, including the Pesut Mahakam boat, the Pesut Kita boat and the Pesut Etam boat.
Check out the advantages of each boat, as well as travel fares:
1. Pesut Mahakam Boat
This two-story wooden boat has been operating since March 18, 2017. This boat serves tourist travel routes to the islands of Kumala and Kutai Lama, Kutai Kartanegara, and the Samarinda route itself.
This boat is equipped with a number of entertainment facilities, such as full music, and other supporting facilities, which make tourists comfortable.
The regular schedule of tourist trips, namely Saturday and Sunday, starts at 16.00 WITA - 18.00 WITA, at Mahakam Ilir pier, Morning market. However, this boat can also be used on weekdays, and can also be chartered for groups.
The rates for being able to use the services of this tourist boat also vary, according to the location of the trip, including:
* Samarinda Area
1. Pier to Mahkota II Bridge
- Adults: IDR 25 thousand
- Children: IDR 10 thousand
2. Pier to Mahakam Bridge & Big Mall
- Adults: IDR 30 thousand
- Children: IDR 15 thousand
3. For both route
- Adults: IDR 50 thousand
- Children: IDR 20 thousand
4. Samarinda area charter package
- IDR 1.8 million - IDR 3.5 million
* Tenggarong Route
1. Regular
- Adults: IDR 115 thousand/person
- Children: IDR 80 thousand / person
2. Charter
Samarinda - Kumala island (Tenggarong)
Package 1: IDR 5 million, entertainment, insurance and entertainment
Package 2: IDR 8 million plus admission to Kumala Island, snacks, entertainment and insurance.
* Kutai Lama Route
1. Regular
- Adults: IDR 80 thousand
- Children: IDR 50 thousand
2. Charter
IDR 5 million - IDR 6 million
"There are also many from various regions, outside East Kalimantan, from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Malang, Semarang and many more, even foreign tourists often have traveled to the Mahakam river," said the manager of the Pesut Mahakam boat, Dirman.
2. Pesut Kita Boat
This boat is also made of wood and has two floors. The boat, which has been operating since January 2017, has served local and foreign tourists.
There are three tourist travel routes, including Kutai Lama and Kumala island, Kutai Kartanegara, as well as the Samarinda area itself.
This boat is on standby to transport and drop passengers at the dock in front of the East Kalimantan governor's office.
This boat is also equipped with other supporting facilities, which pamper tourists. During the trip, tourists are served with music, which presents the songs typical of East Kalimantan.
"Besides domestic, foreign tourists have also used our services, including from Slovakia and China," said the Sales Marketing of the Pesut Kita boat, Hadi Y.
The rates for being able to use the services of this tourist boat also vary, according to the location of the trip, including:
* Samarinda Area
1. Pier to Mahkota II Bridge - Mahakam bridge - Big Mall
- Adults: IDR 50 thousand
- Children: IDR 25 thousand
- Charter: IDR 3.5 million, quota of 100 people
* Tenggarong Route
1. Regular
- Adults: IDR 115 thousand / person
- Children: IDR 75 thousand / person
- free admission to Kumala island
2. Charter
Samarinda - Kumala Island (Tenggarong)
- IDR 8 million for 100 people, free admission to Kumala Island, snacks and schedule on request.
* Kutai Lama Route
1. Regular
- Adults: IDR 80,000
- Children : Rp. 50,000
2. Charter
- IDR 6 million for 100 people, free snacks and entertainment.
"Every tourist we register for travel insurance. With this tourist boat, we hope to be able to introduce more tourist objects on the Mahakam river," he said.
And, for foreign tourists, the Pesut Kita boat is also equipped with a guide who is fluent in foreign languages.
3. Pesut Etam Boat
This boat was built in 1985, and was renovated so that it can be used as a tourist boat.
The long boat type with a length of 29 meters and a width of 4.5 meters can accommodate up to 100 tourists.
Not only as a transport boat, but this boat is also equipped with a number of facilities, ranging from karaoke, to restaurants, and also equipped with toilets.
In addition to entertainment facilities, the manager also equips the boat with security facilities, such as the availability of 130 buoys, fire extinguishers, and seven experienced crew members.
This boat was officially operated as a tourist boat in July this year, which was launched by traveling to Kutai Lama, Kutai Kartanegara.
In addition to serving travel routes to Kutai Lama and Kumala Island, this tourist boat also serves trips to other locations, such as to the Tenun village, Samarinda Seberang, and the Mahakam dolphin ecotourism. By the pier at Mahakam Ilir, Morning market.
The rates for being able to use the services of this tourist boat also vary, according to the location of the trip, including:
* Reguler :
* Samarinda: 1 route, IDR 25 thousand for adults, 10 thousand IDR for children
* Kutai Lama: adults IDR 85 thousand, children IDR 30 thousand, students IDR 65 thousand
* Tenggarong: adults IDR 100 thousand, children IDR 30 thousand, students IDR 70 thousand
* Schedule Saturday-Sunday and holidays, starting at 17.00 WITA.
* Charter
* Samarendah Tourism
- Mahkota Bridge - Mahakam Bridge or Mahakam Bridge - Mahulu Bridge. Tariff Rp 2 million, maximum 100 people.
- Mahkota bridge - Mahakam bridge - Mahulu bridge. The tariff is IDR 2.5 million, for 100 people.
* Kampung Tenun Tour
- Ikat Sarong Art Trip, Samarinda Across. The tariff is IDR 500 thousand, maximum 100 people.
- Samarinda Sarong Tie Art Trip & Art at the Old House Cultural Heritage. Tariff Rp 1 million - Rp 1.5 million, maximum 100 people.
* Religious and historical tourism, Kutai Lama
- Tariff is IDR 7 million, maximum 100 people, free snacks.
* Kumala Island Tour and Museum, Tenggarong
- Tariff is IDR 8 million, maximum 100 people, free snacks.
* Pesut Mahakam Ecological Tourism
- Rates IDR 4,296,000 for 2 people. Land transportation facilities, Tenggarong - Kota Bangun, entrance ticket to Goa Keraton, meals.
According to the program, entrance tickets and motorcycle taxis to the Kandua Raya waterfall, soft drinks / mineral water, lodging in Kota Bangun, and water transportation.
"This tour can directly see the Pesut Mahakam, a freshwater mammal that only exists in the Mahakam River, as well as travel to several natural destinations in Kutai Kartanegara," said Director of the Pesut Etam Boat, Aris Roshan.
"What is clear is that the enthusiasm of tourists is high, from within and outside the country, it's just a matter of packaging the tourist locations again, so that tourists don't get disappointed when they arrive at the tourist location," he said.
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